Who are the Top 10 Virtual Assistant Hub for Filipinos

Did you know that there are multiple Virtual Assistant companies in the Philippines? Well, the reason is because the Philippines is one of the top providers of virtual assistants worldwide due to its increasing outsourcing industry and Filipinos have unique skills which makes them fit for virtual assistants. Since the Philippines is one of the top virtual assistant providers in the world, here are the top 10 virtual assistant companies in the Philippines:

1.Helpware :- Where they take their business model in a modern approach in the outsourcing business and have multi-lingual services which are great for foreign clients. Also has a broad service like: email support, phone support, live chat, social media management, data entry, website maintenance, and software development. 

2.  Unity Communications :- This is an outsourcing company that has its services in the Philippines, Costa Rica, and the United States. Unity Communications offers services that are aligned with virtual assistance such as: IT support, sales, accounting, and lead generation. 

3. IdeasUnlimited :- Where they offer a unique value proposition by providing clients with support services 24/7 while clients pay 41% less than their competitors. Also, IdeasUnlimited offers remote services where they deliver the best results through the use of technology such as: virtual assistant services, call centers, multi-lingual support, and omnichannel services.

4. MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services :- Where this company provides its outsourcing services to countries like: Australia, Canada, UK, US, and other non-English speaking countries. It is named as one of the top business process outsourcing companies in 2020 and 2021, and offers accounting services, customer service, data entry, medical billing, website design, and digital marketing. 

5. Premium Help :- It has over 10+ years of experience in providing outsourcing service and has several awards for its excellent services. In this way, Premium Help is considered as one of the best virtual assistant companies in the world as it offers bookkeeping, accounts, graphic design, and web design.

6. Cloudstaff :- It is a remote staffing outsourcing company that uses a team of remote workers from across the globe, which expanded its business in the Philippines in 2010. Cloudstaff builds the team that the clients would want, delivering the best technology, and world-class facilities to provide smarter outsourcing solutions. 

7. 1840 & Company :- Where it has headquarters in Argentina, Ukraine, India, and the Philippines. Their services include technology, marketing, finance, customer, and back-office operations. 1840 & Company provides an exclusive professional marketplace, where the client does not have to search for the right staff, because the company itself brings it to the customer. :- Where it is a virtual assistant company that offers full-time remote staff offshoring and dedicated offshore staffing services. One of the best qualities of is that the client can pick between hiring office-based and home-based staff in the Philippines. Also, hiring offshore staff in the Philippines with Outsourced can save you up to 75%. 

9. Usource :- It is a digital outsourcing company that was established last 2015 and is both an Australian and Philippines incorporated company. Their services focus on virtual assistance and offshore solutions which includes: digital ads, SEO, analytics, copywriting, graphic design and development, email marketing, customer support, and e-commerce.  Usource is considered to have customer acquisition, lead generation, and people-based marketing initiatives.

10. Taskbullet :- Where it is a virtual assistant company that has offices based in California and Manila. They offer accounting, data entry, and social media marketing. Taskbullet’s pricing model is different from other virtual assistant companies, because instead of paying for a specific rate, the client just sets a number of hours that they can use the service. 

So now, with these companies presented, it is clear that there are multiple companies that offer virtual assistants in the Philippines. Do you now believe that the Philippines is the top virtual assistant in the world? If you are having a hard time balancing your time for business tasks, then this is your sign to try these 10 virtual assistant companies in the Philippines.

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