Ensuring Quality Output with Remote Employees

id you know that working remotely boosts the worker’s productivity? Well, at first this might be the opposite, but office distractions may often slow down the effectiveness of an employee. Based on a Flexjobs survey from 2016, it found that only 7% felt that they are productive while working in the office. Yes, for some working from home may slow down their efficiency because of how comfortable you are in your own home. But how about ensuring the quality output? It is better to work from home and to be comfortable in order to produce quality output, rather than staying in the office and not generating valuable products. But first, what are remote employees? Remote employees perform regular work duties outside the company property, such as the work from home set up. Are you skeptical about remote employees and their outputs? Let’s find out if remote employees still create quality outputs despite not coming to the office.  



Remote employees are said to be more engaged when they work-from-home. According to Gallup, telecommuting is linked to increased employee engagement which means if remote employees are provided with the necessary tools and technologies, they can produce quality outputs. So, the notion that work-from-home set up hinders employees from giving quality outputs is false. Also, remote employees can work at their own pace since they are not monitored every now and then. The pace that remote workers have helps them to avoid overworking because if an employee is overloaded, this may lead to unpleasant outputs. Of course, employees would prefer working from home since it is more convenient and hassle-free. The importance of working from home is to also maximize the time in working, since you do not have to go to the office and waste your time in traffic. Also, in today’s time, technology plays a huge role and the work-from-home set up is already common. It is assured that even if employees are not in the office and are not supervised by their boss, they can still produce quality outputs because they are in their own comfort zones. Remember, an employee can function well if he/she is comfortable and is not stressed out. Yes, while there are disadvantages in working from home, it is still convenient for employees to work where they are at ease. 


Now, are you still skeptical with remote employees not producing quality outputs? Remember, that if an employee is comfortable with their work environment, they have the ability to produce quality outputs since they are not stressed and can think clearly. Also, there are studies that remote employees are helpful to the company. Let us stop the image of remote employees that they are lazy and they slack off during working hours, because this is not true. All of us have experienced working from home and it is helpful mentally since this relaxes our mind and body during work. So, are you now confident with the setup of remote employees? Do you now think that they are able to create quality outputs?          


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