New Venture Fund Catering To Gen Z Startup Founders Launched In Philippines

Nila Capital, a student venture fund based in the Philippines, has announced its official launch, bringing a new wave of value to Gen Z startup founders across the country.

In a statement issued on Sept 18, Nila Capital stated that its mission is to not only provide these visionary young entrepreneurs with critical capital but also to cultivate a large network of industry professionals. It was stated that this nurturing environment aims to fuel their growth and triumph in the face of the unique challenges that young founders face.

In an era marked by a surge of young talent within the local startup ecosystem, the prospect of becoming a startup founder is rapidly gaining momentum and enthusiastic support, according to the report.

The venture capital fund is providing aspiring innovators from diverse backgrounds with the necessary resources to propel their visions into tangible realities, which is central to their ethos.

This drive is motivated by a desire to change how industries, communities, and society perceive Gen Z trailblazers. Jason Ho and Ryan Chua, both former startup founders, founded Nila Capital. Based on their personal experiences, they established the fund to not only identify but also support young founders with the potential to create the region’s next unicorn.



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